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Euro Arts has been internationally working in the classical music world business since 1994. And we began to organize the Euro Music Festival & Academy (EMFA) since 1998 until now, which has been recognized and acclaimed as one of internationally well-known classical music festival and academy programs.


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Euro Music Festival & Academy

Euro Music Festival & Academy (EMFA) has been held since 1998, in different cities in Europe such as Prague, Vienna, Klosterneuburg, Mainz, Leipzig, Wuppertal, Halle as well as in South Korea, organized by Euro Arts, the company which has been internationally in music business since 1994.
EMFA is composed of ACADEMY and CONCERTS. The Academy faculty is joined by world-renowned music professors and artists. Many of them also perform solo or chamber music at various concerts.
Music-studying students joined from more than 40 countries, as the participants in the ACADEMY. They have been taught through intensive individual lessons/masterclass by the highly acclaimed professors, which leads them to get trained and developed their skill and musicality.
In addition to the educational intensity, they have public performances through various concert opportunities, which are valuable experiences in building their performance career.
EMFA has reputation in the high level of the participants. Every edition, prominent young artists take part in the academy. Many of them are the prize winner in major international competitions such Queen Elisabeth, Rubinstein, Geneva, Maria Canals, Hamamatsu, Long-Thibaud, Busoni, Leeds, Dublin, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, Epinal, Rostropovich, Cassado, etc.
Until now, more than 10,600 musicians(including orchestras) from all over the world have joined as professors/performing artists or participants or for orchestral performances.
EMFA has been the place for friendship and unity through mutual exchanges by music which is a universal language, as well as the place of music education for young musicians of next generation. And it has become one of the well-known international music festivals, with continuously increasing and developing.

Euro Arts Academy 

With long-history organization of more than 25 years in international classical music world, and with one of the largest networks and connections with the best professors/world-top virtuoso artists / young-promising artists, Euro Arts came to establish an international music education worldwide : Euro Arts Academy